A user owns multiple Tagged TimeSpans, Dashboards and Devices. Admin-Users can manage other Users but they have no access to TimeSpans, Tags and Dashboards from others.


Server owners which have direct access to the database are able to read everything from all users.


A device will be created when a User login with username/password. Each device may access the the users data like TimeSpans. Devices can be managed only by the User who created them.


A timespan has a start and end date. Each timespan can have multiple Tags. Time spans can be managed only by the User who created them.


A tag has a key and a value. Tags normally have a format like this key:value (example: type:cooking).


A dashboard contains multiple Dashboard Entries and Dashboard Ranges. Dashboards can be managed only by the User who created them.

Dashboard Entry

A dashboard entry is part of a Dashboard. It displays a configurable diagram of aggregated TimeSpans with specific Tags, a specific date-range and interval. This date range could be unique and only be used on one entry or the entry could use a configured Dashboard Range. The interval determines on what intervals the data should be aggregated. F.ex. daily would include the 24 hours of a day.

Currently, the following diagram types are supported:

  • bar chart
  • stacked bar chart
  • pie chart
  • line chart

Dashboard Range

A dashboard range is a Static Range or a Relative Range which can be used for multiple Dashboard Entries.

Static Range

A static range has a concrete start and end point. Like f.ex. 10/12/1998 5:12 PM to 10/13/1998 5:12 PM.

Relative Range

A relative range is relative to now. You can use simple operations to subtract time from it.


Relative Range From To
Last 10 minutes now-10m now
This week now/w now/w
Last week now-1w/w now-1w/w
Last month now-1M/M now-1M/M
Last weekend now-1w/w+5d now-1w/w
Last week monday - friday now-1w/w now-1w/w-2d


Shorthand Full
s second
m minute
h hour
d day
w week
M month
y year


Opertaion Description
+ add X Unit
- subtract X Unit
/ start of / end of Unit