Build from sources

The steps below require that you have setup your dev environment and have ran make generate.


The project has a CGO reference (because of sqlite3), therefore a CGO cross compiler is needed for compiling for other platforms (the traggo/build docker images already contain the needed cross compilers).

Build without docker

You can build traggo/server with the following command:

$ make build-bin-local

Build with docker

It is recommended to build traggo/server via the traggo/build docker images, this ensures that all the required tools are available (like f.ex. cross-compiler).

Execute traggo/server Makefile tasks to build traggo/server.

# builds all supported platforms
$ make build-bin
# builds a specific platform
# available suffixes
# * linux-amd64
# * linux-386
# * linux-arm-7
# * linux-arm64
# * linux-ppc64le
# * linux-s390x
# * windows-amd64
# * windows-386

# Build bin
$ make build-bin-SUFFIX 
# Build docker image (requires bin build before)
$ make build-docker-SUFFIX